Friday, June 1, 2012

giantess scarlet johansson

I was working on my new giantess black widow pictures for my devianart account when I heard nocking at my door. It was at least twelve am in the morning and i looked out my window and saw a beutiful woman wearing a mini skirt and a trench coat. The woman looked very familiar. I had my smartphone right in my pj pants pocket took it out went to my gallery and saw that it was scarlet johansson. I opened the door and invited her in. like any normal person I was star struc. " OH my god your-." she closed my mouth before I could say her name. She then closed the blinds in my house.
"your name's Brian right?" My eyes opened wide.,as my jaw dropped as it would in a 1930s warner bros cartoon.  As soon as she said those words. 
"Ms. Johans-..."  I said. She interupted me.
"Please call me Scarlet." 
" alright, scarlett. How did you find me and how do you know my name."

"HMM, well." she said while taking over her coat " I was Googleing myself a week ago and i came a cross a link to one of your pictures."

" Look if you want me to take them down I will. I---"

" No, No, No. I don't think you understand I liked them."  As she said this I was getting an erection.

" You l-l-l-l-i-i-i-k-k-ed them. I said while studdering.

" Yes I did. in fact." she said this while reaching into her pocket. " How would you like to have that fantasy become a reality.  she then pulled out a tube of lipstick.

"Scarlet you don't have to tease me with that shrink ray of yours. Being your pet or slave will be a dream come true. you can play with me and do anything you want to me."  as I said this she was warming up the lipstick.  "  Wait, if I could just make one request could you please put me between your boobs."

She smiled and looked at me " Let me think Brian" she smiled like an Innocent little girl " Yes,"

" Alright then fire that thing up."  I said in an excited voice.


Scarlet was one inch shorter then me when she came into my house now I was  the size of a Lego man to her . she picked me up dropped me in  her cleavage; then called her driver.

She opened her shrit " Comfy my little pet." she said in a innocent and sarcastic voice. I nodded. " Good, because when we get back to LA I'm going to do so many things to you."

Check out chapter 2 next time

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